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Out-patient Clinic Services

1. Adult illness 12. Ambulatory surgery clinic
      These cases includes circumcision, removal of cyst, abscess, lipoma etc.
2. Infant and children illness    
    13. House calls
3. Female related diseases   We are equipped with a well-trained team comprising of doctors and nurses
      who are ready to go to patientís house to provide medical services. These
4. Male related diseases   cases include dressing, wound care, blood test, routine examination,
      care of the disables as well as emergencies.
5. Emergency cases    
    14. Immunization
6. Adult health examination:   Vaccination for infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult
  We provide screening program and education to adults    
  who are otherwise well 15. In house laboratory services
      Any kind of blood tests and certain results can be ready in an hour,
7. Well baby and well child clinic   Urine test, Tissue specimen test, Drugs test, Allergy test
  We provide routine check-up for babies and children    
   who are otherwise well 16. Imaging
      X-ray services (with/ without report), Ultrasonography
8. Skin care clinic    
  We provide primary care for all sorts of skin diseases 17. Pre-U/ pre-employment medical check-up
      One stop centre to have this check-up done in a day
9. Chronic diseases    
  Screen, diagnose and manage cases such as hypertension, 18. Pharmacy
  diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, asthma, heart disease,   All range of prescribed medications as well as OTC products
  gout etc.   and supplements
10. Communicable diseases 19. Specialist referral
  Screen, diagnose and manage cases such as TB, HIV,   We have in house specialist clinics to provide in house referral for
  any transmittable illness   most of the major disciplines.
11. STD clinic    
  Manage sexually transmitted disease and provide best      
  education to prevent occurrence and recurrence of such cases    


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